Wireless Services

In today’s competitive market, reliable and good quality network is very important to keep the churn rate down. This becomes even more important when new handsets and smart devices are being introduced everyday and putting a heavy load on the operators network. In order to achieve optimal network capacity and coverage, network optimization should be considered as an ongoing activity for all wireless networks. A good optimized network can help identifying unused network capacity which can lead to a lower CAPEX cost. Our experts can provide a complete end-to-end solution for RF planning and optimization for all major wireless technologies. We have 15-years of wireless infrastructure deployment experience.

Why Rancore Services

  • Experts in system parameter optimization, with regression analysis to measure benefits.
  • We provide system wide benchmark drive tests to find troubled spots of the network.</p>
  • Intelligent search ring designs, candidate analysis, site visits, zoning support, and cell site simulation testing.
  • Cell site integration, including construction coordination, equipment installation/antenna system verification, Antenna sweeps, RF parameters, radio testing, initial drive testing, performance monitoring, and neighbor list modifications.
  • We gather and analyze network data and revise network parameters as needed.
  • Accurate neighbor topologies to ensure smooth handovers and call distribution.

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